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CLinicas del Dolor y la Artritis
ABC Clinicas del Dolor y la Artritis - Arthritis and Back pain Centers


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Knee Pain and              Problems


Laser Treatment
Vertebroplastia percutnea mediante gua fluoroscpica

Percutaneous vertebroplasty under fluoroscopic guidance: is a minimally invasive procedure to treat back pain caused by compression fractures.

Discectoma con el dispositivo Dekompressor mediante gua fluoroscpica

Discectomy device with the "Dekompressor" by fluoroscopy: Is an invasive procedure that treats disc hernias and bulges.

Ablacin por radiofrecuencia mediante gua fluoroscpica

Fluoroscopic Guided Radiofrequency Ablation: is an invasive procedure to treat back or neck chronic and persistent pain due to arthritis in joints or other causes.

Otro tipo de inyecciones vertebrales mediante gua fluoiroscpica

Another type of spinal injections by Fluoroscopic guide: epidural steroid injections, blocking peripheral nerve and nodules.

Inyecciones en zonas reflexgenas y articulaciones en extremidades :

Reflexogenic Injections in the joints and extremities: for arthritic joints, inflamed or injured, tendonitis and bursitis in the presence of muscle spasms.

Pruebas Diagnsticas.

Diagnostic Tests: The latest technology to diagnose problems with circulation or affected nerves.

Procedimientos t tecnicas novedosas
Tratamiento de Decomprensin del Disco para el Dolor de Espalda y Cuello.

Disc decompression treatment for back and neck pain:

This new treatment is for people suffering from arthritis of the spine or injured or herniated discs. The treatment allows decompression gradually in the discs causing rapid relief to people suffering from back pain, neck cramps and numbness in the arms and legs. The treatment is 100% natural and causes no pain.


Tratamiento de Decomprensin del Disco para el Dolor de Espalda y Cuello. Tratamiento de Decomprensin del Disco para el Dolor de Espalda y Cuello. Tratamiento de Decomprensin del Disco para el Dolor de Espalda y Cuello. Tratamiento de Decomprensin del Disco para el Dolor de Espalda y Cuello.

Tratamiento para Lubricar la Rodilla Artrtica

Lubrication treatment for arthritic knees:

Innovative method to lubricate your arthritic knee without taking pills without surgery. This product is totally natural, is approved by FDA and is having impressive results.


Who should consider this treatment?...This treatment is recommended for patients with the following symptoms: Difficulty in getting up from their chairs or bed. Difficulty going up and down stairs, and people who were treated with pills with no results.

People who want to avoid surgery.


How does this treatment work?...First, the specialist studies the x-ray to see if this treatment will help. In the first natural lubricant is given to lubricate the arthritic knee. After the treatment, the patient will notice a significant improvement.



If you identify with this condition and are tired of taking pills and other treatments, or would like to avoid surgery, please CLICK HERE to learn more about our new treatments
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